Kirk Holmes’ N Scale North Burlington Division

Digital photos by Keith Thompson
Featured in the March/April 2004 issue of N Scale Railroading


In January 1990 Kirk Holmes (Proprietor of Seattle's Train Center) started the benchwork of the North Burlington Division. From it’s onset the four foot by ten foot layout was designed to be moved if it had to be but so far it has stayed in the same apartment for all of its existence. While it’s not based on specific locales, the layout has an Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho feel to it. The prototype area is often referred to by railfans as “The Funnel.” Kirk calls it the North Burlington Division. The layout is basically divided into two levels. The lower level is roughly a loop with a reversing connection through the middle. A branch line out of the yard heads up to the upper level and the town of Cougar, The upper level track work is a loop that can either act as a reversing loop branch or an extension of the lower level reverse loop making for a folded dog bone.

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